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Your hands can show the ageing process quicker than other parts of the body as they are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, look after them and keep them soft, nourished and looking great with regular treatments. 
Reshape                                                                           £7.00
A reshape service is offered to enhance your nails by tidying the length and shape.

File & Polish                                                                    £14.50
We'll cut/file your nails and apply a colour of your choice in either OPI or Vinylux.
                                                                  (French Polish add £4.00)

You can upgrade to Shellac gel polish so they are dry when you leave the salon.  Just ask in salon for details.
Manicure                                                                           £23.00
A relaxing service which includes filing/cutting the nails, cuticle tidy, hand & arm massage then finished with polish in a colour of your choice.  To solve the problem of waiting for your nails to dry and worrying about smudging them, why not upgrade to Shellac gel polish.  Just ask in salon for details.                                                       (French polish add £4.00)

Deluxe Manicure                                                                £33.00
A  pampering, nourishing service which includes file/cutting the nails, cuticle tidy, exfoliator, mask and thermal mitts followed by invigorating hand & arm massage finished with polish in a colour of your choice.                                                 (French polish add £4.00)

Upgrade to Shellac Gel polish so your nails are instantly dry!
(extra cost)

relaxing foot spa pedicure

Your feet undergo heavy pounding daily and can feel tired and sore at the end of a busy day.   Look after them regularly by applying soothing foot cream and have a pedicure as often as possible. 
Please bring flip flops with you! 
Reshape                                                                            £7.00
A reshape service to enhance your toe nails by tidying the length and shape. 

File & Polish                                                                    £14.50
We'll cut/file your nails apply a colour of your choice in either OPI or Vinylux. Upgrade to Shellac gel polish (extra cost) so your nails are instantly dry when you leave.
                                                                         (add French for £4.00)
Pedicure                                                                           £28.00
A revitalising service which includes a foot bath, file or cut the toe nails, foot file to remove hard skin, cuticle work, lower leg and foot massage finished with polish in a colour of your choice.    
                                                                   (French polish add £4.00)

Deluxe Pedicure                                                             £38.00
An invigorating, moisturising service which includes all of the regular pedicure service and incorporates an exfoliator, nourishing mask and thermal boots followed by a leg & foot massage and finished with polish in a colour of your choice.                          
                                                                  (French polish add £4.00)
Upgrade to Shellac gel polish so your nails are dry when you leave (extra cost)

Callus Peel                                                                       £25.00
                                                        Add to a Pedicure    £18.00
                                                        2nd Area                   £10.00

Give your feet a treat and  Callus Peel away that hard skin and unwanted calluses with this 4 step luxury pampering foot treatment.
Your feet will be wrapped in a unique skin softening patch by Callus Peel which disolves hard and callused skin.  The dead skin is then scraped off with a special plastic scraper, followed by a skin polish to smooth away any remaining hard skin.  The treatment is then followed by the application of a rejuvenating cream which will soften and relax the feet.

How long will my treatment take?
To treat one area on both feet, it takes around 30 minutes, if the callus is very hard, it may require a follow up a few days later, but the results will be significant after just 1 treatment.

How can it benefit me?
Many people can experience pain when walking because of hard skin on their feet and left untreated, cracks can begin to form which can be very uncomfortable. This treatment will leave your skin feeling fabulous.

Can anyone receive treatment?
The callus peel is suitable for all ages if you suffer with cracked, dry or hard skin on your heels, soles or sides of toes.
There are some conditions which would prevent a callus peel being carried out. These are listed below. If you have any of these conditions at the time of your appointment, You will not be able to receive a callus peel treatment:

• Diabetes
• Psoriasis in area
• Open cuts
• Pregnancy 
• Verrucae
• Fungal nail infections

How often should I have a Callus Peel?
The recommended interval between appointments is every 3-4 weeks. This can vary from client to client though and it depends how long hard skin takes to build up on your feet. For clients with excessively hard skin, another treatment may be required approximately 4 days after the initial treatment to really take effect, and then 2 weeks after that.

Shellac Colour Gel Polish                                                     £25.00
Shellac French Gel Polish                                                     £29.00 
shellac gel nail polish
No more waiting for polish to dry before getting keys out of your bag or having to re-apply polish before your next salon visit.  Treatment includes filing nails, cuticle work and cuticle oil applied after the polish.  Shellac can be applied to finger nails or toe nails and you can choose from our large selection of colours.  
When cared for correctly Shellac gel polish lasts for approximately 14 days without chipping, it has a high gloss shine and can help to make your nails feel stronger.  Some clients even say it lasts longer!

Shellac Colour Gel Polish on Fingers & Toes                     £45.00
Removal of Shellac                                                                £15.00
Shellac should never be pulled or picked off as this can pull away the top layer of your nail and leave it fragile and weak. We will remove it gently for you using Shellac 'Dissolve' and cotton wraps.
Shellac Removal & Re-application of Colour Gel on Fingers or Toes   

This treatment takes approximately 60 mins.  We will gently soak off your existing shellac without any damage to your natural nails, gently remove dead cuticles, file and shape the nails and re-apply the Shellac in a colour of your choice.  

French Shellac will incur a further cost.
Watch this video to discover more about Shellac gel polish.
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CND Shellac - Say Hello to Shellac - Creative Nail Design
Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac™ Nail Color! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days of high gloss shine, and is ...

Bio Sculpture® Gel Nails

Bio Sculpture® Gel looks as thin and natural as your own nails, only better!  Discover the difference of a healthier nail treatment that is a pleasure to wear.  It is harder wearing than Shellac and perfect for weak nails. The natural nail plate is not filed as with the application of acrylic nails so it is kinder to the nails. 

Bio Sculpture® Gel is a nail treatment that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails.  It is applied onto the prepared nail and is self-leveling which eliminates excessive buffing and is cured under a UVA Lamp. It is removable in the salon without damage to your natural nails.

Coloured Gel Overlay                                                        £32.00

French Gel Overlay                                                            £35.00

Bio Sculpture Nail Extensions 
(with colour gel overlay)                                                  £49.00

Bio Sculpture French Extensions                                     £55.00

Bio Gel Removal                                                                 £16.50

Call salon for price of acrylic removal

Discount available for removal and re-application when done on the same day.  Please call for price.