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High Definition (HD) Brows *                            26.00
Perfectly groomed High Definition Brows, this celebrity endorsed HD Brows  seven step technique is the ultimate in Brow perfection. Suitable for both Men & Women. 
Our Official HD Stylists (Lauren, Mollie and Siri) will help you achieve the perfect brows in 7 easy and effective steps.  

Eyelash Tint *                                                      16.00
Enhance your natural lashes with an eyelash tint.  Great for fair & red haired clients for everyday and for anyone going on holiday who would prefer not to worry about applying mascara during the day.
Eye Brow Tint *                                                   9.50
Eyebrows frame the face and enhance the eyes.  Emphasise your face and eyes with a natural or more dramatic look.
Lash & Brow Tint *                                              21.00
Why not have the lashes and brows tinted at the same time. 
Eye Brow Shape                                                    9.50
Using tweezers, we will tidy and shape your brows to leave a clean natural appearance.


Lash Perfect Extensions                                      
lash perfect lash extensionsThese semi-permanent individual eyelash extensions enhance the natural lashes by making them look fuller and more visible.  This is achieved by applying a synthetic eyelash extension to your own natural lashes and not the skin. They are great for special occasions and regular daily wear.  They are water resistant so are ideal for holidays. They come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses so we can select a lash to suit your taste and lifestyle.  Lash Perfect lashes are lightweight and comfortable to wear and with regular maintenance will last the lifetime of the natural lash.  For a continued wear and to keep the lashes looking good we recommend 2-3 weekly maintenance/infills.
Lash Perfect Individual Extensions *                                                                                                                                                     
Individual Lash Extensions*                                     50.00
60 mins
These Classic Lash Extensions offer a natural look but with added length and curl.  Great for natural everyday wear or for holidays and special occasions. 
Please arrive for your appointment without any eye make-up or mascara and remove contact lenses if worn.  
Please be advised that you will not be able to open your eyes during the entire application process. 
Patch Test is required.

Lash Extension Maintenance *                                  
60 mins                                                                        32.00
Maintenance should be done every 2-3 weeks to maintain the look of your lash extensions.  If you have left it longer than 2-3 weeks,  more new lashes are applied and this will incur a further cost.

Russian Volume Lashes*                                            81.00

Russian Volume Lashes, also known as 2D-6D lashes and Hollywood lashes are available here at Ultimate Beauty.  The difference between our Lash Perfect Individual Lashes and our Volume Lashes are that Individual Lash Extensions is that one false lash is attached to your natural lash (0.15-0.25 thickness) whereas Volume Lashes are 2-6 very fine, tiny lashes (0.07 thickness) applied to 1 natural lash.

On a classic set up to 100 lashes are applied to each eye, depending how many natural lashes you have. These look great, but for some people they are very limited if you have fewer natural lashes or if you prefer a dramatic thicker look.  With Volume Lash Extensions 200-400 lashes are applied to each eye to give thickness and volume.  Volume lashes take longer to apply than classic lashes due to so many more lashes being applied therefore treatment time is around 2 hours.

Please arrive for your appointment without any eye make-up or mascara and remove contact lenses if worn.  

Russian Volume Lash Maintenance *                                  
60 mins                                                                     42.00
Maintenance should be done every 3 weeks to maintain the look of your Volume lash extensions.  If you have left it longer than 3 weeks, more new lashes are applied and this will incur a further cost.
Lash Perfect Removal
15-30 mins                                                                 23.00

Volume Lash Removal 
30 mins                                                                       25.00

To avoid damage to the natural lashes, it is important to have the extensions removed professionally with lash perfects gentle solvent remover.  Never pull them out yourself as this will cause the natural lash to come away with the extensions!

Removal of any other lash products will incur a further cost. Please ask in salon for details.

 LVL Lash Enhance                                47.00

Longer looking lashes…without the need for lash extensions!

LVL Lash Enhance can give you a fabulous wide-eyed appeal that is completely natural

  • A treatment for natural lashes – no lash extensions needed
  • LVL gives the effect of length, volume and lift
  • Treatments take just 45-60 minutes and last 6-8 weeks
  • Results are immediately visible

Low maintenance and long lasting

LVL Technology
The fabulous LVL gel formulation straightens the lash rather than curling it and the upper lashes are tinted at the same time.  This gives stunning Length, Volume and Lift for your natural eyelashes.  

Best suited for medium to long lashes because although a lift is achieved on short lashes, it may not be as noticeable.

* Please be advised a patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to this service.