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Fine Line Tattoo

Tiny Tattoos or Fine Line Tattoos are dainty and delicate  pieces of art work for the body. Using Black or Grey scale permanent ink, designs ranging from symbols, shapes, words or numbers are an expression of individuality.  Fine Line tattoos are noticeably less painful and less likely to migrate or ink spread under the skin.

Your Tattoo is designed to be permanent, however it may gradually fade over a period of time.  Occasionally you may require a second retouch session which is free if done within a 2 month period from initial treatment.

Prices start from £60 and will differ depending on the size, placement on the body and how detailed and complicated the design is.

If you'd like to go ahead and book, please send us a copy of your design and any further information you feel would benefit us.

A deposit is required to secure your booking and is non-refundable and non  transferable.

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