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Ultimate Beauty Luton to book appointments


All gender clients are welcome at Ultimate Beauty and can benefit from any of the treatments found on our menu.

However, here are a few treatments we have specifically chosen that you may like to try!




Caci Synergy Male Facial

This 45 minute treatment has been developed to target razor bumps, ingrowing hairs and skin impurities. Combining Microdermabrasion, Ultrasonic Peeling and a Microcurrent Jowl Lift, this treatment gives a youthful, well defined chiselled jawline.





Male Manicure                                                                     25.00

Senior or Head Therapist                                                   30.00

This includes cuticle work and a hand and arm massage finished with a nail buff for a natural shine. Polish can be added at an extra cost if required. 


Luxury Manicure for Men (45 mins)                                    35.00

Senior or Head Therapist                                                     40.00

A pampering, nourishing service which includes file, cuticle work, exfoliator, mask and thermal mitts followed by invigorating hand & arm massage finished with a nail buff for a natural shine finish. Polish can be added at an extra cost.





Back & Shoulder Massage (25mins)                                    31.00

A swedish massage treatment to relieve stress and tension in the back and shoulder area. A carrier oil is used to manipulate the body tissue, working deep into the muscles increasing the circulation and warming the muscles to relieve tension and create a feeling of well-being.


Warm Bamboo Full Body Massage (55mins)                      50.00

A massage delivering stress relief, muscle strengthening, lymph drainage and increased circulation. Powerful massage techniques using warm bamboo canes, delivers a truly unique massage unlike any massage you have experienced before. This treatment is concentrated around the back, neck and shoulders area with particular emphasis on removing toxins from postural imbalances and stresses imposed on us from everyday life. This massage will help to remove tension from the neck, shoulders and lower back area.




Male Waxing

Back Wax                          29.50

Chest Wax                         29.50

Abdomen                          20.00

Chest & Abdomen            40.00

Brow Wax                          10.00




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