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Your hands can show the ageing process quicker than other parts of the body as they are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, look after them and keep them soft, nourished and looking great with regular treatments.





Reshape                                                                        10.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                 15.00

A reshape service is offered to enhance your nails by tidying the length and shape.


File & Polish                                                                 17.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                 22.00

We'll cut/file your nails and apply a colour of your choice in our Vinylux colours.

(French Polish add 5.00)

You can upgrade to EVO gel polish so they are dry when you leave the salon. Just ask in salon for details.




Manicure                                                                       27.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                32.00

A relaxing service which includes filing/cutting the nails, cuticle tidy, hand & arm massage then finished with polish in a colour of your choice. To solve the problem of waiting for your nails to dry and worrying about smudging them, why not upgrade to EVO gel polish. Just ask in salon for details. 

 (French polish add 5.00)



Deluxe Manicure                                                          37.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                 42.00

A pampering, nourishing service which includes file/cutting the nails, cuticle tidy, exfoliator, mask and thermal mitts followed by invigorating hand & arm massage finished with polish in a colour of your choice. 

 (French polish add 5.00)


Upgrade to EVO Gel so your nails are instantly dry!

(add 12.00 for Colour or add 15.00 for French)


Your feet undergo heavy pounding daily and can feel tired and sore at the end of a busy day. Look after them regularly by applying soothing foot cream and have a pedicure as often as possible.



Please bring flip flops with you!





Reshape                                                                               10.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                        15.00

A reshape service to enhance your toe nails by tidying the length and shape.


File & Polish                                                                        17.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                       22.00

We'll cut/file your nails apply a colour of your choice in our Vinylux colours. Upgrade to EVO gel polish (extra cost) so your nails are instantly dry when you leave. 

(add French for 5.00)


Pedicure                                                                              32.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                       37.00

A revitalising service which includes a foot bath, file or cut the toe nails, foot file to remove hard skin, cuticle work, foot massage finished with polish in a colour of your choice.

(French polish add 5.00)


Deluxe Pedicure                                                                 42.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                       47.00

An invigorating, moisturising service which includes all of the regular pedicure service and incorporates an exfoliator, nourishing mask and thermal boots followed by a foot massage and finished with polish in a colour of your choice.

(French polish add 5.00)




Upgrade to EVO gel so your nails are dry when you leave

                                                                   (add 12.00 for Colour & 15.00 for French) 



Elim Medi Heel Pedicure                                                     52.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                        58.00



Elim Medi Heel Pedicure is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state of the art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.  It's known as a Facial for the Feet. This is the Ultimate Pedicure treatment for the feet using products normally only used for facial skin.  Perfectly beautiful feet can be yours with this amazing pedicure treatment and daily care at home.

What's in and what's out?


Alkaline Peels

AHA Exfoliants

Anti-bacterial Soaks

Detox Masks

Non Slip Heel Balm


Filing & Blading

Sugar Scrubs

Soap Cleansers

Hard Clay

Oily Foot Creams

Alkaline Peel has active ingredients that change the pH of the skin, breaking down the protein bonds that bind together the dead skin cells of the epidermis.

When performed safely calluses are effectively treated without stimulating a healing response which would lead to overproduction  of the epidermis and hardened skin as seen with filing and blading. Peeling offers a safer, more efficient alternative.

Elim Heel Peel                    25.00

Head/Senior Therapist       30.00

Have this treatment on its own or add the Elim Heel Peel treatment to your Facial or other treatment to benefit from the amazing results of this sought after treatment.


EVO Gel is manufactured by the Bio Sculpture brand. It was developed as a hybrid gel in a bottle to offer an alternative to Bio Sculpture hard Gel.  It is a breathable gel which is kind to the natural nail and is vegan, cruelty free, healthy and ethical. Unlike other Gel brands, EVO includes a choice of 3 base gels to suit different nail types making it kinder to your nails.  Our therapists will select the base gel that is best suited to your natural nails.   Infused with vitamins A & E, it nourishes your nails from the base up. Nails grow longer, stronger and healthier.  


No more waiting for polish to dry before getting keys out of your bag or having to re-apply polish before your next salon visit. This treatment includes cutting/filing your nails, cuticle work and cuticle oil applied after the gel. 

EVO can be applied to finger nails or toe nails and you can choose from our ever growing selection of colours.


When cared for correctly EVO gel lasts for approximately 2-3 weeks without peeling or chipping.  It has a high gloss shine and can help to make your nails feel stronger.



EVO Colour Gel on Fingers                                                32.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                        37.00


EVO Colour Gel on Toes                                                      32.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                         37.00




Removal of EVO                                                                  16.00 

Head/Senior Therapist                                                        20.00

EVO Gel should never be pulled or picked off as this can pull away the top layer of your nail and leave it fragile and weak. We will remove it gently for you using the manufacturers remover and cotton wraps.


Removal of other product

Not EVO or BIO Sculpture will incur an extra cost as this takes longer to remove 30.00

Head/Senior Therapist 35.00



EVO Removal & Re-application of Colour Gel on Fingers or Toes


Head/Senior Therapist                                                         44.00

This treatment takes approximately 60 mins. We will gently soak off your existing EVO without any damage to your natural nails, gently remove dead cuticles, file and shape the nails and re-apply the EVO  in a colour of your choice.


EVO French Gel                                                                    35.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                         40.00


EVO Removal & Re-application of French Gel on Fingers or Toes 


Head/Senior Therapist                                                          47.00



This is a hard gel manufactured with all the same consideration to the health of the natural nail as EVO.  Bio Sculpture comes in a pot and is applied to the natural nail with a separate brush.  It comes in a large selection of colours and can be applied to Finger nails or toe nails.


Bio Sculpture Colour Gel on Fingers or Toes                   35.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                         40.00


Removal & Reapply Bio Gel Colour                                   42.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                         47.00


Bio Sculpture French Gel on Fingers or Toes                   40.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                          45.00


Removal & Reapply Bio French Gel                                   47.00

Head/Senior Therapist                                                          52.00


Bio Sculpture Colour Gel Extensions                                  65.00


Bio Sculpture French Gel Extensions                                 70.00

We will sculpt a tip using Bio Sculpture gel to add extra length to each of your own natural nails and add a colour of your choice or a French finish.  

Due to amount of skilled work involved, this treatment can take up to 2 hours to complete.

Gel Repairs are free of charge for the first 48 hours after application.

After this time we cannot be responsible for the care of your yours.



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